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National Wear Red Day – Friday, Feb 2, 2007

On February 2, 2007, women and men across the nation will
wear red to support their mothers, daughters, sisters and
friends in the fight against heart disease.Why you should be concerned

♥ Cardiovascular disease kills more women each year than the next five leading causes of death combined.
♥ 64% of women who die from coronary heart disease have had no previous vidence of the disease.
♥ 1 in 2.6 women will die from cardiovascular disease or stroke.
♥ African-American women have greater risk of developing heart disease than Caucasian women of the same socioeconomic status.
♥ Smoking is the single most preventable risk factor for heart disease.
♥ Every minute a woman dies from cardiovascular disease.

Risk Factors

♥ Do you smoke?
♥ Is you blood pressure 140/90 or higher, or has your doctor told you that you have high blood pressure?
♥ Is your total cholesterol 200 mg/dl or higher, or your HDL less than 50 mg/dl or your LDL higher than 160 mg/dl?
♥ Are you overweight?
♥ Do you have diabetes?
♥ Do you get less than 30 minutes of moderate physical activity most days of the week?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions you are at increased risk for heart disease. Each of these is a risk factor you can control or change.

Ideas for Go Red Events in your community

♥ Host a Go Red event or party.
♥ Encourage your co-workers to participate in Go Red Day.
♥ Create a display with a red dress and information about women and heart disease.
♥ Partner with local organizations such as health centers, extension offices, fitness centers, churches, 4-H or other youth groups to host and support events.


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