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Missing in Action

I’ve been missing in action again – helping my elderly parents with the transition to “independent” living.  This has been “The Year of The Parent” on the Chinese calendar.  Actually, it’s been more like two years, but who’s counting.

As soon as I get back to normal here at CherylMillerVille, I’ll fire up the blog posts and spread a little more health and happiness around.  Until then, how are you doing?  What’s up in your life?  What’s down in your life?  Leave a comment at the comment link below. 

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  1. Lena L. West says:

    Welcome back, Cheryl! We definitely missed you, but can understand you have your hands full.

    We’re all waiting for your “words of wisdom” and can’t wait to read what you have in store!

    Life has been abundant on my end, but I’m grateful and I’m slowly but surely expanding the possibilities of my life.

    Rock on! (eeerrrtt – peel out noise!)

  2. Anne Schrock says:

    We’re in good company. I, too, have had the opportunity to take care of a family member in such a special way. My sister was widowed in spring. To add to the normal events in transitioning, she was left financially unstable. She’s had an illness since childhood that makes it questionable for her to be living on her own.
    What all this has done is bring two sisters together who are neither friend nor foe. God has certainly used this opportunity for His glory as well as honor the mom and dad who raised me.
    Otherwise, life is all good.
    Take care to take care of you.

  3. Hey Lena – he- he private joke. The car rental place explained that was the car’s system testing that the pagement was wet and it adjusted something or other. Talk about a smart car. When I told them my friend thought I was singing go granny go, the whole staff cracked up. Then I thought, it wasn’t THAT funny! :)

  4. Hi Anne – aren’t sisters great! And there’s always some kind of “stuff” that has to be wrangled…so I’m glad you’re getting lined up for that by hanging out with her. Blessings to you sweet sister! Cheryl

  5. Hey Lena – “pagement” should have been “pavement.” Typing waaaaaaay too fast!

  6. Lena L. West says:

    Suuuure. “Testing the pavement” Riiight. :)


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