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Making Breakfast Meal Kits – revisited

Remember the article I wrote about making breakfast meal kits? I received these responses from (as well as the three comments posted with the original article). They offer some good ideas.

Cheryl, I used to skip breakfast because of lack of time, until…my wife and I discovered fruit smoothies! Throw some fruit, yogurt, milk, in a blender and VIOLA! We have also started adding things like wheat germ and flax seed (grind your flax seed in a coffee grinder and keep it in the fridge). The list of fruit and healthy things to add is endless and this all takes oh about a minute (maybe more if you must peel your fruit).


I usually have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in the mornings. It has the protein so I don’t get hungry before lunch time. If I eat cereal I’m starving before lunch. I can also eat it on my commute to work, and it isn’t messy.



More on your ‘breakfast kits’ idea.

When I used to travel extensively (in a pre-KSU lifetime), I was often faced with the ‘greasy & fast’ or ‘nothing’ for breakfast in my rush from hotel to plant visit. (Hotel restaurants are notorious for being expensive & slow.)

So I carried from home (in my luggage) my scoop of breakfast cereal (raisin bran was a favorite) inside a heavy zipper-type plastic bag. I had also added powdered non-fat dry milk double the equivalent to the cup of milk I would normally add. And don’t forget the plastic spoon.

Just before leaving for my day at the plant, I would run tap water (hot or cold, choice, depending on the cereal) into the bag & ‘squish it around’ a bit, then eat.

And for those who don’t like/can’t eat milk, here’s another idea. Especially useful when you are traveling but there is a vending machine nearby that sells juices but not milk.

Orange juice works great on breakfast cereal. Many people think it sounds strange, but most people like it once they try it. Get your fruit vitamins with your cereal, & even the extra calcium if you buy the right brand.

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