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Letting Go of Complexity

How much simpler would your life feel if you were able to let go of some of the complexity? I don’t know about you, but now and then throughout the year I feel totally overcome with demands on my time and talents. My energy sinks because I think “How can I get all of this done…and do it well?” If I’m smart enough to stop, breathe, and take a look at what’s going on in my life, I always come up with solutions. The answer usually lies in letting go of something – commitments, goals, projects, and physical things. So let’s get clear on what some of these complexities might be.

What Do I mean by Complexity?

The quick answer is that complex is not simple. When life is complex that usually means you’ll need to do some juggling, planning, scheduling, maintaining, and prioritizing. These things require physical, mental, and emotional energy. If a project or job is complex, that can actually be fun – a challenge. But when life is complex, there’ll likely be an energy drain and a stress reaction.

Things That Can Make Life Feel Too Complex

  • Commitments every night of the week
  • Juggling child care
  • Packed weekends with little or no quiet, down time
  • Late work hours (by choice)
  • Kids enrolled in tons of activities – that you need to coordinate and drive them to
  • Too many possessions – shopping sprees
  • Multiple Credit cards
  • Lots of pets – goldfish, hamsters, 5 dogs, 6 cats, 3 birds, giant turtle
  • Gift buying – long list of people to buy for, long list of celebrated holidays to buy for
  • Large selection of Plants – to trim, water, debug
  • Collections – vases, dolls, tools, etc.
  • Stuffed closets, drawers, and cabinets
  • Ornate decorations – to dust, care for, insure, etc.
  • Holiday celebrations – with the works!
  • Color coded filing system that you can’t remember how to use
  • Volunteer commitments
  • Membership in committees and boards
  • Short order cook – making a different meal for each family member
  • Multiple jobs – so you can buy extras

Is this a good time to take a small action step now? See if the activities on the worksheet catch your attention and inspire you to act. Nothing changes without action. Is there some mental shift you could make now?

Comments Please

What’s complex in your life? What would you like to simplify? Share your comments and challenges by clicking on the "comments" link below.

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  1. What’s complex? Trying to juggle a full-time job and start up a part-time business, as well as my church/ ministry work!

    I am getting very good at starting to say “no” however and am looking forward to more of that.


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