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Lather. Rinse. Repeat?

Speaking of unintentional collections, this is a great post from Lena West at (it involves a gift to readers worth $97)

I’ve been thinkin’…good marketing makes it really easy to buy.

Especially impulse purchases like gum, tic tacs, mini-eyeglass repair kits, portable sewing kits, and for me, soap. Yes, soap…as in bars of soap.

SoapI’m about to share something I’ve never really shared with many people: I’m addicted to soap -  specifically organic soap. I have coveted suppliers and preferred soap vendors. When I have a bad day, the first thing I do is crack open a fresh bar of soap, it always makes me feel better. Hey, some people head for chocolate, I head for soap.

I’m convinced this soap thing is an addiction. When I see an all-natural bar of soap, I’m completely taken in. Provided I like the smell, I want to use it right away, and in many cases I do.

For the rest of the story . . . visit Lena at Lipsticking.

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