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Knee-deep in December

Here we are again. Knee-deep in December.  Yes, I know December just started, but doesn’t it feel like this fast-paced, high-stress, booked-solid time-of-year has already sucked us in and taken over?
I know a lot of people who feel this way about December, and sometimes I do too.  But most days I am able to keep my sanity by practicing a Reasonable December.  In fact I’ve got plans and systems in place to help me stay calm, connected and ahold of the reigns during the entire holiday season.
I’ve been through a lot of Decembers in my life and I’ve come to learn something through ’em all. We don’t have to be at the mercy of all the demands of December.
We don’t have to go-all-out. We don’t have to end the month totally wiped out, depleted, kaput…and fatter, to boot!
We all can have a Reasonable December and I want to show you how.
So, I’m teaming up with Sandra Ahten (the Reasonable Diet guru, to share our combined ideas of how to live reasonably and peacefully this December.
We’ve lined up 4 teleclasses held each week in December to offer you the tools and inspiration you need to manage your time, your health, your stress level and even your weight so you can remain sane and reasonable this December.
Wanna learn more? Find out how you can have a Reasonable December too:


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