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It's Time

Jasmine died in October 2007 and it’s finally time to get another dog–and maybe even a cat!  It’s a big deal getting a pet–at least for me it is.  They are for life and unfortunately death. 

I love the idea of getting a dog or cat who has ended up in a shelter.  I love being able to provide a fabulous life and home for them after the twists and turns of their life.  BTW I can’t watch Disney films that show lost or abused pets trying to get back home.  Can’t do it.  I rented a Benji film (Benji off the Leash) the other day because I wanted to “try on” a Benji type of dog.  I could hardly watch parts of it–even though I knew it would turn out OK.  I think some of us are just extra sensitive about animals.

So I’m on the prowl.  I’ve been to the Topeka and Lawrence Humane Societies several times a week–hoping to find the one.  And now that I’m ready, I want to find him or her now :)

But the good news is that I’m ready and I know the perfect dog for me is on his or her way to me now.  And I’m ready to shop for the perfect bowls, perfect food, and perfect treats for my new little cutie pie.  I’ll share pictures when I find the one.

Anybody else out there looking for a dog or cat? 

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