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In Search of Energy

there are many reasons for not having energy. lately i’ve been a bit low on energy so have taken the time to think about it. energy can be depleted by many things:

  • a poor diet low in nutrients
  • unabated stress
  • a bad attitude (e.g., anger, upset, irritability, unforgiveness, fear)
  • sleep deprivation
  • dehydration
  • illness
  • change in seasons, weather, barometer
  • excessive amounts of change
  • physical labor
  • exercise
  • unresolved problems

there are probably other elements, but these are a good starting point for self-diagnosis.

what got me thinking about energy was a conversation with a friend this morning. she said "are you tired?" "no." "oh you look tired." at first i was miffed because i wasn’t sleepy . . . in fact i’d gotten lots of sleep this weekend. Thinking about it, though, i realized that i hadn’t had any creative inspiration this weekend. i just couldn’t get my mind working on my projects. i had enough energy to rent a movie and write a post and that was it. my post was pretty lame too…and that was a sign of low energy.

that just reminded me….in my blog i was writing about problems. unresolved problems drain energy too so i just added that to the above list.

maybe i looked tired to my friend because i AM tired. hum. as i thought about it, yea, guess i am tired. sometimes awareness is a gradual thing. because the temperature dropped dramatically overnight and the wind was cold, i decided to take a shorter walk than usual. maybe my high walking mileage was wearing me down. hum. while walking i asked my body to speak to me and tell me what would be the best care i could give it. i did some energy healing work and then quietly listened to my body as i walked.

dressed warmly, i could have walked quite a distance, but i remembered that wind for my ayruveda body type (vata) was a stressor. listening to my body i realized, yes, i am tired. i asked about the reason, but none came. i decided that the reason really wasn’t important. i would just tune in and listen for the remedy.

after a short 30 minute walk i made myself two wonderful cups of ginger tea. the day before i had been strongly drawn to a box of this tea at an oriental shop and bought it. maybe my intuition was guiding me even then. the tea was perfect. everything about it was soothing, enjoyable and just right for what i needed. the second cup didnt’ taste quite as wonderful as the first, so i figured that i had reached the appropriate dose for my condition. if good food tastes good, then you’ve stumbled upon the right food for the moment. by "good food" i mean healthful foods. for many of us junk food often tastes good….but it’s often not the right food for the moment.

next i flipped through my new books about health and healing. bingo. i got inspired. to me that translates to energy. whew. (sometimes i worry that my current condition will be my eternal condition.) yes i have energy, but my body is saying "don’t over do it." this energy is the short-term kind. my mind says i’ll want to take a hot herbal bath after a while. we’ll see if that fits when the time comes.

if someone would have talked about listening to my body 20 years ago, i would have laughed in their face. back then my body just said "give me coke, cigarettes, and a rocking chair." that’s about all i needed to be extremely content. at that time my body was so numb and dosed with stimulants that it would have been just about impossible to tune into my body without some serious training and support.

makes me smile now to think about how much easier this body awareness has become. btw i mean coca cola :) thankfully i never abused any drugs other than cigarettes.

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