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I’m OK

Day 7 – Nutritional Cleanse (pre-cleanse phase)

I'm OKWell today I lived through not having coffee and sweets with my walking/running group this morning.  And I lived through a full day of just veggies.  And thankfully nobody invited me to a Super Bowl party because the beanie weenies (or whatever) would have been tempting.   

The further I get from junky food, the easier it is to resist it.  I’m just a few days into this new eating routine, but it’s getting easier.  I didn’t even miss not drinking coffee this morning.  Seriously.

Tomorrow we start the real deal – just vegetable broth and green juice.  I can have as much as I want but that’s the menu.  You might be thinking “she’s nuts.”  And maybe I am, but time will tell.  

I think my body is going to love having all my cells bathed in pure nutrients.  In fact, my body told me that today.    Before the cleanse started I did a mental scan and made a list of body issues I want to heal including dry thinning hair, dry skin, brittle nails, cloudy eyes, mucous-y and achy muscles.  My tongue has been feeling weird too.  It’s hard to describe–dry and a bit numb. I'm OK

As this cleanse continues, I’ll be monitoring these symptoms.  How my body likes all this good food will be revealed as I get a few more days of nutrition under my belt.  I’ll keep you posted but for now I’m OK!

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  1. suzanne holman says:

    Congrats, Cheryl!
    I’m rooting for you!

  2. Beth says:

    You go, girl! I bet you’re going to feel WONDERFUL! It sounds like your cleanse is even stricter than mine was, I look forward to watching how you fare.

  3. Kelly says:

    Hi Cheryl,

    Good luck with the liquid cleanse! I am on week 2 of a cleanse that I created for my clients (the Delicious Detox: 28 Days to a Sparkly New You), and had to do three days of liquid last week, which was very difficult for me. But now I find that I keep juicing most of the day, and its so good and easy ( i love kale with lots of fruit). Went to a superbowl party yesterday with my green juice, and actually got a lot of people to try it! And no cravings.

    As long as you feel satisfied and are meeting your nutritional needs, you will do great. Make sure to check out your bowel movements too…optimal is 3 a day (or one after every meal time)…if you need support, let me know! Most importantly, be gentle with yourself, especially if you’re body tells you that you need something a little more substantial.

    Good luck,


  4. Cheryl Miller says:

    Hi Suzanne – thanks for your support – it helps! I’m doing well so far….

    Thanks Beth – I’m hoping to achieve what you’ve achieved – so you’re a great role model.

    Kelly – thanks so much for your input and offer of support. I’m trying to really focus on what my body is saying to me. So far so good!


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