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I Should Be Grateful

Mom is chipper – we think it’s because she’s not seeing the seriousness of hers and dad’s situation.  But as my sister and I discussed today, we really should be grateful.  What’s wrong with being cheerful and not seeing how bad (or potentially bad) everything is?  Is it really denial or is it refusal to give in to what appears to be true.  I’m sure you’ve learned as I have that things that appear to be true often aren’t true.  That’s a valuable lesson.

So today I’m grateful that my parents are positive about their lives.  I shudder to imagine if they were perpetually grousing about their aches and pains, fears about the unknown, and dread of facing another day.  In fact, now that I think about their perspective on life, I’m down right chipper! 

Is there anything you wish were different about your parents?  Imagine what they get that’s positive about being who they are.  Share your comments at the comment link below. 

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