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Holistic Indigestion Relief

Cindy Hebbard from the Wisdom of Healing has this to say about this digestive upsets:

Indigestion, acid reflux, acid indigestion, GERD; upper GI troubles go by many common names, but the problem is huge and growing! That ‘purple pill’ has been in the top five best selling prescription medications for years, grossing $5.7 billion in 2005, according to Forbes.

And it doesn’t have to be this way.  She recommends several holistic ways to support digestive health.  And she includes a description of several herbs and nutritional supplements that may provide digestive relief.  Her article even includes a couple of simple home tests to see if you have too much or not enough stomach acid.  Read her article here.

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  1. Due to a really stressful day the other day, I had a bad stomach problem. I’m going to keep this information in my holistic healing roster!

    It is said that stomach ailments have to do with us not listening to our “guts” or when we know a path we’re taking isn’t optimal but we do it anyway. The

    I would recommend that anyone who has “gut” pain or troubles, to see if there is an immediate, obvious cause (like having the flu or having a stressful day). If there isn’t anything obvious, it might be worht it to check in with themselves to see if there’s something they’re not listening to their inner selves about.

    Thanks for the resource, Cheryl!


  2. You’re so right on Lena. Thanks for adding your insight to this post.

    Our temptation is to just “medicate” the problem whether with OTC products or herbs……and the real work is in looking to the root cause of the body upset. Cheryl


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