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Highlights of Employee Survey

I thought you might be interested in knowing the results of a survey I did of a large employee group. The survey was answered by 1032 respondents. See how their responses compare to yours.

1. What is your biggest challenge starting or maintaining a fitness program?

337 I’m too busy
144 I don’t want to do it alone
133 I hate to exercise
120 I don’t know how to exercise correctly
41 I get enough exercise in my daily activities
256 Other

2. What is your biggest challenge starting or maintaining a healthy eating plan?

443 I hate to cook
278 I don’t know what I should eat
187 I’m too busy
123 My family won’t eat this stuff

3. What are your biggest challenges regarding managing stress?

348 I don’t know how to manage stress
199 My life is too busy
189 I don’t know how to simplify my life
73 I come from a high-stress family so I’ve inherited the stress gene
222 Other

4. What are your biggest challenges making overall healthy choices in life?

307 It’s too hard to make healthy choices
287 It’s not important to me
65 I don’t know how to make healthy choices
372 Other

Here’s how respondents rated their interest in the following topics (most to least interested):

1 Eating for Health 76%
2 Sticking with an exercise program 71%
3 Healthy Aging 67%
4 Making basic good health choices 66%
5 Core body strength 63%
5 Strength training 63%
5 Stretching to stay limber 63%
6 Relaxation & stress management 62%
7 Feeding the family healthy foods 61%
8 Balancing home and job demands 57%
8 Practicing good self-care habits to manage injuries and illness 57%
8 Starting an exercise program 57%
9 Health Risk Appraisals 55%
10 Feeding children healthy foods 51%
11 Ergonomics at work 47%
12 Talking with your doctor 45%
13 Ergonomics at home 42%

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