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Helping Each Other

30-Day Self-Care Challenge (Part III) Day 30

While in the sauna tonight, I had a vision of the perfect universal symbol for personal growth and development.  Imagine someone reaching up to the sky with an open hand and reaching down toward the earth with the other hand.  Their upstretched hand is clasped by someone who is higher up on the mountain of life.  And the hand reaching toward the earth is clasped by someone who is further down the mountain side. 

There is no judgment about who is higher or lower down on the mountain.  Those higher up may have had more support, more innate talent, fewer obstacles, or more drive.  Those lower down may have had little or no support, less innate talent, more obstacles, or less drive.  Again, no judgment. 

Looking at life in this way can keep us from feeling too smug and judgmental or hopeless and victimized.  We are where we are.  Each of us is getting a hand up and each of us is giving someone else a hand up. 

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