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Hello from the Wellness Fast Lane

Hello esteemed members of The Ville!  It’s Lena – your new guest blogger.

I’ll be guest blogging here on a frequent, yet infrequent, basis. That’s fancy talk for – I don’t have a schedule and I’ll be posting about my journey whenever I feel like it.  I believe in flexible structure (more on that in another post) so, this arrangement works for me. :)

So, here’s why I’ll be guest blogging on The Ville Blog:

Lately, I’ve been feeling really stifled. Stifled because I’ve wanted to write/share/vent about my wellness journey and what I’ve learned about personal development.

But, I am a social media consultant and strategist for high-strung high-growth businesses (you know, blogging, podcasting and all that ‘stuff’) and the kinds of things I want to write about don’t really fit too well on my guest blogging spot at Lipsticking, or my blog.

So, Cheryl and I decided that it would be a good thing for me to do here – on the The Ville blog.

As I mentioned, I’m an entrepreneur and about a year ago, I contacted Cheryl for coaching. She was warm, welcoming, funny, real and totally non-judgemental. I liked her immediately. What’s not to like??? That was a year ago. At the time, I committed intellectually to wellness.  Now, I’m prepared to commit emotionally and spiritually. Yes, it took me that long. As Cheryl so lovingly says, “There’s work to do there.”

In order for me to build the caliber of business I wanted to build and live the life I want to live, I need to be healthy so I could ‘go the distance’ – literally and figuratively. And, let’s face it, when someone is at the front of the room giving you advice on how to grow your business, you want them to look the part. It’s not always a nice fact of life to face but, as I always say: It is what it is.

I’m not perfect, but I’m committed. The whole point of me blogging here is to share my challenges, ideas, thoughts and wins with you. Some thoughts will be nice – some not so nice. This is really a bit of therapy of sorts for me.  And, as I heal myself and move toward a wellness lifestyle, I hope you learn something along the way as well.

So, this is me – warts and all – groping my way toward a happy, healthy wellness lifestyle all while heading up a growing business and living in NY (for the time being…more on that later). Let’s see what happens. 

Hopefully I’ll get a warm welcome from all The Ville residents. A girl needs all the support she can get :)

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  1. Hi Lena! I love IT! This is going to be a welcome addition to The Ville!

    I invite everyone to leave a comment cheering Lena on. And if you have questions for her about her journey, ask away! Cheryl

  2. Lena West says:


    Thanks for the warm welcome!

    Yes, Ville residents…feel free to send questions, love, advice, etc.

    Here’s to The Ville!


  3. Shala says:

    Hi Lena…Welcome!
    I can tell just by your intro that we’re gonna like your entertaining and straightforward style. Will be a great addition to Cheryl’s insightful tips and down-to-earth approach to wellness. Looking forward to it.

  4. Lena West says:

    Hi Shala:

    Thanks so much for the vote of support and for chiming in on the blog!


  5. Trayc says:

    Hey, Lena ~ I zipped over to Lipsticking and have to say that I like your style! After reading this post, then reading your rant on Cingular/AT&T….I know I’ll be following along with you on your journey to wellness.

    I’ll be joining you in more than just reading, too…it’s taken me THREE years to finally get to the place where I’m ready, willing and (becoming) able.

    So best of everything ~ and thanks for sharing what could possibly be some pretty hard stuff to share. You GO!

  6. Lena West says:

    Thanks for checking out the Lipsticking blog and for checking in here!

    Congrats on joining the wellness movement! Feel free to share your feedback via my posts.

    Yes, wellness journeys can be tough to share but my thought is that if I can have more stuff going out of my mouth – in the way of communication – and less stuff going in – in the way of food – I’m on my way.

    Let’s do it!



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