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Have You Had Your Laugh Today?

My dad was a salesman for close to 60 years.   Most of his clients were men and humor was an important part of their language.  He told a wide variety of jokes – some of them shared in private, just for men.  I used to roll my eyes.  I was such a snob.

Dad has dementia now and can remember only one joke.  So I no longer groan when he asks “Have you had your laugh today?”  I act like I’ve never heard his joke and he gets a big kick out of it.  And so do I.  Here’s the joke:  Do you know how to make holy water?  No, how?  You boil the hell out of it.  See why I used to roll my eyes.

So if you haven’t had your laugh today (and you love dogs), watch this short video.

Do you have any funny jokes to share?  See the comment link below….share your humor there.

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  1. That is SO cute!
    I experienced a Laughter Yoga class tonight with Norma Richardson – amazing how beneficial that is!
    And watching this video came me an opportunity to laugh aloud… I just don’t do it often enough….
    AND I found your dad’s joke a funny one I hadn’t heard before!


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