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Have you changed eating habits for better or worse?

Have you ever changed your eating habits……for better or worse?  Like did you decide to get fit and sleek before your wedding, or get in shape after a diagnosis of diabetes, or did you gain weight while getting a degree?  Did you gain weight after starting a family or lose weight after getting a divorce?

I think it’s interesting to think about how our life’s path has led us to better (or worse) eating habits.

For me, I dramatically improved my diet and fitness routine after listening to a professor at the University of Kansas give a public presentation on the interaction of diet and exercise.  In fact, I was so psyched, I signed for a Master of Science program in Exercise Physiology.  I started eating really well and exercising like crazy.  And I quit smoking.  I became a runner, participated in two triathlons, and biked across Kansas (2x), Iowa and Michigan. 

The next big shift came almost 20 years later when my professional career heated up and I had a lot of demands placed on me – personal time was at a minimum and I was under a lot of stress to perform.  You guessed it, I started eating on the run and slacking off on my fitness routine.  I still walked regularly, but with the 20 year age gain, I needed to do a lot more! 

Now I’m ready for the third shift – back to taking care of me – no matter what else is going on.  I think that’s a neato place to be.  Now what about you?  Have you improved your wellness lifestyle?  Have you slacked off?  Tell us your story….everybody has a story.  And if you’ve maintained a steady wellness routine, we definitely want to hear from you…tell us your secrets.  Share your comments at the comment link below.

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  1. Podi Stofel says:

    I am usually a pretty even weight but I have had extra situations lately. I have been visiting at the hospital (2 months) so my workouts have stopped. Due to the death of my step-father (one month ago) I have dropped that extra weight. Now I am faced with keeping my weight consistent while finalizing his affairs and trying to see how to keep my mother ingaged in life. She is 78 and feels exercise is a four letter word. At this point I think pray is my only hope.

  2. Hi Podi – thanks for sharing. One thing I’ve learned is that we can’t help people who don’t want to be helped. Maybe ask your mother what would most support her at this point in her life. You might have to stick with it to get to the heart of what she’d really like most of all. That would be a great gift to her. The loss of a mate can be quite stressful. Maybe you could walk and talk – use the walk as an excuse to get out and chat. Good luck with it. Cheryl

  3. Podi Stofel says:

    Thank you, I will ask. This could be a great help on my time, with her just telling me what she needs. I have found a self defense class that we have enrolled and just heard of a seniors yoga class and maybe she will join in with that. Thank you again for this great idea. Podi

  4. ati says:

    How people’s lifestyles have changed for better or worse?


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