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Hang It, Dang It (how to become a finisher)

FREE Teleclass, Thursday, October 7, 2010 
(5pm PT, 6pm MT, 7pm CT, 8pm ET)

Are you somebody who finishes what you start, or are you someone who stops just short of finishing?

I used to be a non-finisher then I got really, really tired of it and trained myself to be a finisher.  I started finishing everything:

  • putting the laundry away
  • unloading the dishwasher
  • nailing down the final strip of trim
  • taking the weed pile to the compost (instead of leaving in the middle of the yard)
  • putting a stamp on an envelope and mailing it
  • and the beat goes on!

Come to my free teleclass and find out how I became a finisher and how you too can use my strategies to become a finisher.  If I’m feeling generous I may even give you the checklist I used to break the nonfinishing habit!  And I’m the generous type :)

Feel free to invite your friends to join in the finishing fun by sending them this link…

Info and Registration:

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  1. Marlene says:

    I would LOVE to participate on Thursday October 7th but unfortunately I have another commitment. I really do need the information ( my phrase on my Facebook profile is “I never finish anythi….” ) Is there another way I can benefit by getting the information some other way?

  2. Yes you can register to participate and I can send you the audio.


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