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Great Time to Get Outside

At least in Kansas we’re having a heat wave. The forecast for Saturday is 65! In January! January is usually our coldest month of the winter. Is it global warming? A fluke? Who knows….but if you’re having this heat wave too…you might as well take advantage it and take some walks. That’s definitely what I’m going to do. If you’ve been meaning to get more active, this would be a great time to start the new year out with a regular walking program. Do you know that on average Americans spend only 2 percent of their day outside? We walk from the car to the building and back…and that’s about it for being outside. I just figured out that I spend about 8% of my day outside on the average. This Sunday I took my dog, Jasmine, for a 4-mile walk on the levee in North Lawrence and it was fabulous. Make a game out of walking outside. See how many wild critters you can spot. Write a haiku poem about something in nature that inspires you. Take the kids, and the dog, and the significant other and do a little site-seeing. Comments Please How much time do you spend outside? What do you like to do outside? Anything inspirational you can share to encourage others to get outside more? Go to the comments link below and share your story.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Although my husband and I work full time and never seem to have enough time to get everything done around the house, we feel it’s very important to get our 3-year-old son outside and let him get as dirty as he wants. Weather permitting, we jump on trampoline with him, swing, dig for worms, throw the ball for the dog, or pull weeds. He’s a little outdoorsman and gets upset when we won’t let him outside in -10 degree weather :-) Basically, we want to be a good influence on him and not have him think of us as couch potatoes.


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