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Got Collections, Got Clutter?

Just saw a hilarious video about the collections we hang onto long after the enjoyment has dried up—much like the glue in that collage you made in the 70’s. 

All of us collect things – even neatniks and health nuts (think organic soaps and lotions, organic coffee and teas, Birkenstocks, tunics, glass food containers, floor cushions, yoga mats and essential oils…..).  I collect vases – all sizes, shapes, and colors.  Try wrenching them out of my hands.  You’d lose. 

Watch this little video and share at the comment link below what collections you have.  And then skip to the bottom of this post to find out about a freebie I’m offering this Thursday.

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If you’d like some inspiration for “managing” your intentional and unintentional collections, sign up for the free Zen in 2010 teleclass – we’ll talk about collections and a whole lot more!  Here’s the link to read more and sign up:

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  1. That’s great! Gave me a giggle or two!

  2. @LenaWest says:

    Yeah, this was funny. In a weird way, it might help some people who have challenges telling clutter from a collection to really distinguish between the two.

  3. Hi Suzanne and Lena – yes funny….and informational. I think he makes great points using humor – and sometimes humor helps us hear the tough stuff.


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