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Give the Gift of Time

Do you stand in front of the displays of handbags, perfume, and jewelry wondering if you’re spending a boat load of money on something your mother will like and use…or just give away at the next church rummage sale? 

We’re become such a consumer-oriented society that it’s difficult to buy a gift for someone . . . that they haven’t already bought for themselves.  To reduce our gift-shopping angst, we ask them to tell us EXACTLY what they want and we buy them THAT.  Or we give them cash.  And they ask US to tell them EXACTLY what we want, or they give us cash.  Wouldn’t it be more gratifying and less ridiculous to give them the gift of your time?

The Center for a New American Dream’s has created a gift card that you can give to your grandmother, your mother, your sister, or your buddy that gives them the gift of your time.  They can specify what they’d like you to do for them. 

download the pdf gift certificate here

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  1. I read somewhere that you can also give someone gifts of service. If you have a friend who can’t organize her house but wants to, you can hire a professional organizer for her. Or treat someone to a chef for a day. This way, we can all reduce material and sometimes unwanted clutter in the world.

  2. Yes Jen – absolutely the gift of service. Nothing better! Thanks for stopping by to leave this inspiring comment. Cheryl


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