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Getting Strong Baby!

30-Day Self-Care Challenge (Part II) Day 13

Remember when I whined about not enjoying weight lifting and a subscriber commented that she preferred to call it strength training because she loves the idea of being strong?  Well, that clicked for me. 

When I work out at the gym now I think about getting stronger.  For me it’s happening surprisingly fast!  I have upped my weights  relatively quickly and I’m still not grunting.  My body is taking to getting strong.  That might be because I have a strong personality, a strong sense of wellness, and a strong interest in being well and strong.

I’m not hoisting ridiculous amounts of weight–I don’t want to get injured.  As I lift the weights, I’m paying attention to my body.  When it says “yes this feels good,” I know I’ve got the right weight.  When it says “I can do more,” I increase the weights.

It’s helping having a personal trainer.  Jalon is great–knowledgeable, fun, and an excellent role model–she LOVES lifting weights.  I was hoping it would wear off on me and it is!

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