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Getting Serious about Fitness (finally!)

The good news is I’m going to provide a free Team Fitness experience for you during the month of June. We’ll blog and comment and find our way to some serious fitness. I’ve been fooling around with fitness for too long, and as a 60-year-old exercise physiologist who coasted through my 50’s, it’s time to get serious again. My walks along the river are no longer enough (understatement).

I’ve got some inspiring stories to tell you and a book to recommend that is guiding my new fitness program–it’s really the bomb! It was published in 2004 and I can’t believe I’ve just recently cracked it open. For me it’s a page turner and is finally getting me off my usual fitness routine and into a healthy aging fitness routine. I’ll tell you about the book in June when I start the new blog series.

Be looking for my email on June 1 – we’ll start gearing up our bodies for healthy, happy living…in this lifetime.

The bad news is that after returning from my aunt’s memorial service in Coldwater, KS, I got a call that my mother had a stroke and my father who has dementia was home alone…so to speak. More on that story here:

So it’s been an unusually hectic week and I don’t have the enthusiasm or energy to write a full-blown newsletter. I’ve been writing the newsletter since 2003 and I think I’ve earned a pass. If you were licking your lips to read the newsletter, visit this link and take your pick of the past issues – I bet you missed at least one of them.

So be looking for an email on June 1 unveiling the new Team Fitness 30-Day Blog series at CherylMillerVille. If you play along with us, it will change the way you age. That’s a big promise I aim to prove.

Want to guess what the book is?  Make your comments (about the book or the topic) at the comment link below.

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  1. Janet says:

    I’ll bet it’s Caroline Sutherland’s “Your Body Knows”! If not, I’ll bet it’s just as good.

  2. Hi Janet – no that’s not the book….but tell us about Your Body Knows. Sounds interesting! What are a couple of the main points? Cheryl


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