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Frustration and the Learning Curve

i was just blogging about why i love my new blog. had gotten into a long stream of consciousness thing of 6 or 7 items (pretty cool stuff i thought) when felt i had gone on and on enough and asked me to save or cancel the post (or something). kind of embarrassing when your own blog lets you know you’ve gone on too long. so i clicked OK save (i think) and the screen went blank. in disbelief/disappointment (my mouth was wide open) i tried everything i could think of to recover my lost work/self. nothing.

had to stop, breathe, moan, have a raspberry smoothie with musliex (does anybody know how to spell that word?) on top and ponder what went wrong. still bummed so made chili. the chili’s so good. country music in the background, comforting me in my loss (he he).

why is it so hard to redo something we’ve just done and lost? that’s a great question. it relates to why we/i don’t like routine like filing paper and washing pots and pans. it takes quite an effort so we don’t want to do it again………..until we have to. a feeling of "been there, done that." no patience to retrace steps.

but in some way (i understand) it’s perfect. one of thomas leonard’s expressions. it’s all perfect. yes perfect (and annoying). guess i’m not done going off yet. being cut off like that in mid-blog (i was really building up steam).   don’t want this to happen again…so need to scrounge "help" for info on bloggus-interruptus. one thing i’ve found in life is that part of what we do is amazingly simple (like getting an account at blogspot and starting a blog). now that i’m hooked, i get a chance to do the stuff that isn’t as easy/obvious (like figure out how to let others know about this blog, post it to my web, figure out the etiquette like should i put my email in the post….stuff like that). stuff that i don’t really want to figure out.

so i take a deep breath, count to 10 and do something i know how to do (turn off my computer).

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