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Forget New Year Resolutions: Evolve Instead

Resolutions don’t work for 99% of the population. Have they worked for you? I found something that works -Crafting a New Year’s Theme Instead!

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New Year’s Evolution: Choosing a Theme for 2011 that
Excites and Ignites You!

This is more than just a teleclass. You’ll learn how to think bigger about who you are and how you can design your life around your most cherished dream for 2011. If you don’t have a dream yet, you can borrow one of mine – I’ll give tons of examples. Your dream will become your theme. And your theme will replace your New Year’s Resolution, because it’s so much more powerful.

Why have a New Year’s Theme? Theme parks have a theme, special parties have themes, cruises use themes. Why? Because themes are exciting and they inspire us to join in the fun. They bring out our playful, creative sides. A theme is like a clarion call – it attracts our vision and our energy. You can create a theme that will forecast what you want in your life in 2011.

I’m going to take you through the process that I personally use every year to develop a theme that guides me throughout the year, not just until I forget about it! You’ll also learn my strategies for keeping it top of mind.

We’ll explore four kinds of themes:

  1. Less or More Themes–what do you want more (or less) of in 2011
  2. Health Themes
  3. What Excites & Ignites You
  4. Family Themes

By the end of the call, you will have a theme for 2011 or be well on your way to having one. And you’ll understand how your theme can pull you forward toward your dream throughout the year.



Date:  Thursday, January 13
Time: 5-6pm PT | 6-7pm MT | 7-8pm CT | 8-9pm ET:


There is no charge for this teleclass. It’s my New Year’s gift to you. You’ll just be responsible for any long distance charges that apply.

All you need is a phone and a couple of sheets of paper. You can participate from home, the office, or wherever you are. If you’ve never taken a teleclass and want to know more about how they work, get a brief summary here.

I am looking forward to helping you choose your theme for 2011.

To your healthy, happy life and Heaven in 11!

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