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Fitness Routine Inspires Healthy Eating

a 30-Day chronicle about getting back in shape

Have you  noticed that when you make a commitment to do something healthy, you end up doing even more healthy things than you originally planned?

That’s happening with me.  Sticking with my fitness program has really inspired me and it made me want to eat really well.  Notice I said “really” twice!  I find myself thinking all the time, “How can I make this healthier.”  I used to think “How can I make this taste better.”  That’s quite a switch for me.

Since I got serious about fitness, I’ve been drawn to raw foods-also unusual for me.  I’ve often said it’s got to be hot for me to be happy.  Eating raw food is definitely more appealing to me when the weather is hot, so I’m taking advantage of this hot weather and my newfound interest in extreme eating (for me that means raw!). 

Today’s menu made me really happy about eating.  Friends who know me well will be saying “where’s the meat?”

Morning Meal

Watermelon – lots of it!

Lunch (see video below)

More watermelon,
Whole Rye Bread
1 oz leftover Chicken from Middle Eastern Restaurant


Green smoothie (rainbow chard, spinach, apple, cucumber, water)  This was my first green smoothie ever and it was surprisingly satisfying.  I felt very virtuous.

Evening snack

Raw nuts (Brazil and almond)

Here’s a 35 second video peek at my lunch….

Your Turn:  Do you eat raw food?  What percentage of your diet is raw?  Got a favorite raw combo to share?  Comment at the link below.

Should you see a physician before starting an exercise program?

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