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FDA: Throw away toothpaste made in China

Yesterday I read another story (below) about the dangers of specific products imported from China – last month it was pet food, this month it’s toothpaste. 

Last week National Public Radio (NPR) did a story on the challenges the FDA has monitoring for safety the huge number of imported products.  One example NPR highlighted was related to imports from China.  As shocking as this seems, it was reported that in order to dry tea leaves more quickly, the manufacturing plant personnel drive trucks across them so that the exhaust speeds up the drying process.  Of course, the lead in the exhaust (let alone the dirt from the truck tires), makes this tea product dangerous to drink.

Anybody besides me wondering what’s next regarding products from China? 

Story Highlights from CNN Article about Toothpaste from China

•Consumers warned of potentially tainted toothpaste from China
•Suspect products may contain diethylene glycol, or DEG, used in antifreeze
• DEG found in Cooldent Fluoride, Cooldent Spearmint , Cooldent ICE
• FDA unaware of any poisoning from toothpaste in the United States

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