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Earth Gym Workout

Today’s Fitness Activities

I didn’t go to the gym today.  Instead I engaged in what I call Earth Gym activities…where your life is your workout:

  • Cleaned house and swept the deck – that’s a good workout and it now looks great.
  • Walked Toby for our usual 60 minutes (lovely evening).  We always see deer grazing in the nearby fields.  They look up, watch us, then go back to grazing.  I call out to them sometimes and say “hi.” 
  • Mowed the lawn.

Now it’s time to read The Power of Story by Jim Loehr.  It looks really good.  I’ll tell you about it once I get in to it.

Here’s a funny endnote:  My 88 year old mother got a cell phone today.  The rehab hospital phone battery always goes dead and it’s frequently being used by other patients (I call that a dumb phone system).  So she bought a one-year plan.  She did a pretty good job of using it for the first time.  I did have to holler into the phone and tell her to hang it up.  She could burn a lot of minutes like that!

Your Turn:  Got anything to share about your fitness routine?  Any other comments?  Please share them at the comment link below.

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