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Dump Debt – Dave Ramsey

If you’re hungering for financial wellness… these short videos.  I found them on  If you were to buy the DVD, it would cost you about $20!  So watch them for free here. 

The Back story….

I recently bought a new car at Academy Cars in Lawrence, Kansas.  I LOVE IT!  Actually, it’s a 2003 but new to me.  I never buy new cars because they lose their value so fast.  As a gift for buying through them, I got a copy of Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace Revisited book.  I’d never heard of Dave Ramsey.  As I flipped through the chapters, I got excited.  Hey, this guy can help me get my finances in ship shape.  One of the owners of the car dealership got excited about my excitement and gave me a bag of Dave’s DVD’s and his Total Money Makeover book – if I promised to watch the DVDs and read the books.

I’ve done just that and am excited to say that I’m amped about putting his concepts into action.  I’ve already reduced my only credit card by $1700 in just a short time.  I did the math last night, and I am really excited about being debt free (including my house) in just a few short years.  YES!!

I know some people will find him to be obnoxious and pushy.  And he is.  But who cares!  He’s right about our love affair with debt in the U.S., and I’m glad somebody is helping so many Americans get out of debt.

This short video gives a quick overview of many of Dave Ramsey’s debt reduction steps.  He’s passionate, funny, and a little over the top.

There are 9 short videos in this Dump Your Debt series.  You will not look at the money and debt the same after watching these videos. Good luck dumping your debt!

Oops – these free videos are no longer available on the net.  If you want to see them, you can purchase them at or visit Dave Ramsey’s website to shop for them.  Sorry!

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