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Dog, Cat, Rat – Amazing Trio!

A friend recently sent me an email about a kitten and parakeet playing together – I asked if she thought that would last when the cat grew up.  She sent me an email saying the following:

Maybe if they grew up together they’d remain friends. When Michael took his mom to Santa Fe for a vacation, there was a guy in the plaza with a dog, a cat, and a rat. The dog had a harness that the cat held onto and the rat sat on top of the cat. They were all piled up and just hung out that way: a rat on a cat on a dog. Why can’t we all just get along?

So I did a search at and found THE VIDEO – I love how easy it is to find information on the Internet.  It connects us in ways that until recently were unheard of.  In the search box I typed: dog, cat, rat, and this charming video emerged to delight me.  (If your company blocks and there’s a gaping hole below, open this post at home.  It’s worth it). 


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  1. Lena L. West says:


    Nice message…

  2. SpinDiva says:

    This is so cute and really they are all different species and sizes and colors and they get along, why can’t we? Silly humans :-)

  3. We are silly humans aren’t we :) Cheryl


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