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Do you use natural kitchen cleaners?

Have you ever walked down the cleaning aisle at your grocery store or one of the big box stores and felt that you had to plug your nose or be asphyxiated?  I used to rush down that aisle, grab what I needed and then dash to catch a breath of clean air.  One day it occurred to me that I didn’t need to buy those highly chemicalized cleaners.  Duh! 

Now I either make my own natural cleaners (vinegar and water), baking soda, etc…..or I purchase natural cleaners from our whole foods store.

Through all the years of watching cleaning product commercials, we’ve been sold a bill of goods on what clean looks and smells like – it smells like lemon and a whole bunch of other strong chemicals.  And it looks like bubbles.  If either of these is missing, we worry that we’ll miss the clean. 

I used Dr. Bronner’s soap the other day to wash dishes and I had no idea if it was cleaning effectively because there were absolutely no bubbles and the water was milky.  Other dish detergents are souped up on chemicals that cause bubbles, smells, the squeaky clean feeling and all the rest.  My compromise is to go back to my biogradable all-purpose cleaner … until I think of a better solution. 

Your Turn:  Look under your kitchen sink and take an inventory of how many household cleaners you have.  Do you need all of them?  Are they natural cleaners…and do you care?

Do you ever make your own cleaners using natural ingredients? Would you share your recipes? If you buy natural cleaners, what brand names do like?

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  1. Shoshana says:

    Hi Ceryl~ I love your blog! I started a fitness program 6 weeks ago ( I go twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday) and just signed up for 12 more weeks! I am loving it- have been rather slothful the last few years, due to injuries and other problems. I turned 60 on May 8 and decided I’d better get off my duff and do something. The class is for older folks, and the teacher, Jeanette really cares about how we work out. The routines are varied each time, but include warm up stretching, low impact aerobics, hand weights, dynaband and yoga based cool down and meditation- all in an hour!
    It feels so good to be “in my body” and I find I’m sleeping better and have more energy and stamina.
    Keep up the good work- I will check out the book you mentioned.
    Warm regards,

  2. Shoshana: Glad you like the blog :) Your workout class sounds wonderful. Go Jeanette! Go Shoshana! Let me know what y ou think of the book. I loved loved loved it! And soon will start reading it again (something I NEVER do). Cheryl


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