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Day 43 Spring Clean Your Body and Your Home

springcleanlogo While you’re spring cleaning your body, you might also spring clean your home.   I think there’s a connection between how we take care of our bodies and how we take care of our homes.   Our homes are much like our bodies – they are the protective skin around us. 

What have you done lately to take care of your home (apartment, mobile home, house boat, RV, tent, TP, etc.)? 

I’ve been doing a major spring cleaning the last month so this topic is on my mind.  Let’s see if we can draw some parallels between spring cleaning our bodies and our homes.

Spring Clean Your Body

Spring Clean Your Home

Detox (stop drinking and eating things that are bad for you). Declutter (get rid of your ex-boyfriend’s gifts, things you think are ugly, things that are broken, cracked, or chipped).  I once had 45 belts.  Now who needs that many belts….besides an accessory shop.  I still have a lot of vases…but I LOVE them.
Eat nutritious foods. Keep only things you love and use.  Cast a glance at the furnishings and accessories you love and let them nourish you.  Enjoying what you have is one of life’s simple pleasures.
Hydrate your body.  Take baths, showers, saunas. Get out the mop bucket.  You’ll get an even better workout if you mop on your hands and knees.  Yes sister!  And brother! 
Take appropriate supplements. Check your accessories (add and subtract) until you have a pleasing outcome.
Have a well-rounded fitness program. Clean  your house top to bottom and work in the yard.  There IS no better exercise.  It’s called the Earth Gym – where your life IS your workout.
Invite friends or family over for a healthy breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Having company blesses your home and gives them a chance to compliment you on your hard work.  It also gives you a deadline to work towards.  Without a deadline, I just watch movies, read email, and twiddle my thumbs.
Get good rest and sleep. Take time off from cleaning and yard work (and other kinds of doing).  Just sit on the deck or patio and do some being.
Practice deep breathing. Open the doors and windows and bring fresh air in—even if it’s chilly outside.  A bit of fresh air is revitalizing and good for you….and your house.
Thank your body. Thank your house.

What did I miss?  What other comparisons can you see?  Add them at the comment link below.

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  1. Clare Leonard says:

    It all sounds so virtuous! I find it difficult to deal with the bare essentials……

  2. Deena says:

    my house is a direct reflection of my mental health. When I am depressed, fatigued, worn out my house is a mess. Now that I am starting to feel better my house looks better. I am not always in tune with my internal state but I can look around and see how I feel.

  3. Clare – can you give more information about how you feel. I’m not sure I’m following you….and I’d like to!

    Deena – what a great observation. So your house is your barometer for how you’re feeling. My house is a reflection for how busy/overwhelmed I am. The busier I get, the messier my place gets. Putting more systems in place would help me with this.

  4. Clare Leonard says:

    Actually, I think Deena phrased it right. When I’m feeling a bit down, the last thing I want to do is housework and really the only time for it is the weekend as I am exhausted after my day’s work and commuting. So when I see what you propose, it sounds so virtuous!!

  5. Cheryl says:

    Yes I’m tired at the end of the day too – the trick is to see if you’re emotionally tired or physically tired. If you’re physically tired, do something less physically active. If you’re emotionally tired, do something more physically active (like work around the house).

    Straightening up the house, yard, filing system (whatever) makes me feel better (both emotionally and physically).

    The secret is to do what makes you feel your best.


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