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Day 36 All About My New Look

springcleanlogo I walked Toby on the levee this evening in my garden clogs and that was not a good idea.  About a mile in to the walk, the shoes rubbed a blister on the top of my foot.  Ouch.   I didn’t have any socks or a Band-Aid so I decided to head back rather than tough it out.  Ouch ouch ouch.  It really started getting raw and sore.  In a stroke of genius, I decided to try putting my shoes on the opposite feet like 3 year olds do.  And it worked.  The shoes did not rub me in the same spot so I was able to MyNewLookwalk more comfortably.  But, Crocs on the wrong feet is not a good look.  Although there was no one on the levee at the time, it occurred to me that someone could come along and think I was a little strange – just judging my weird shoe behavior. 

I scanned my ego to see how I’d feel about being seen with my shoes on the wrong feet.  I should say with orange shoes on the wrong feet.  I decided to just keep walking and see how it went.  If I saw somebody like Brad Pitt or Robert Downey, Jr. I’d swap them back in a heart beat.  But those guys never walk on the Kansas levee so I figured I wouldn’t be too embarrassed no matter who approached. 

Then the test.  I saw two people walking in the distance with a small dog.  As they approached we talked about the dogs and they never looked at me or my weird shoes.

In my mind I was giving myself points for walking, subtracting points for wearing shoes that hurt my feet, adding points for coming up with the switching feet solution, subtracting points for worrying about what others thought, and adding points for keeping them on the wrong feet when the other walkers approached me.  It was a fun little game.  I love dog people – they focus their entire attention on dogs.  You can get away with murder – even wearing orange Crocs on the wrong feet.

Have you got any odd or interesting stories to tell about your life that made you be creative, relax, or accept yourself?

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  1. @LenaWest says:

    This was such a CUTE and funny story about how to solve life’s simple (but painful!) wrenches that get thrown in the works.

    It would never have occurred to me to switch the shoes – I would have hobbled home. :)

    That just shows how clever you really are!

  2. Sidney says:

    Dear Cheryl,
    Enjoyed your solution for your feet to your walk. I enjoyed the picture. It reminded me of my children putting their shoes on the wrong feet.
    Have a good day. Thank you for your blog.
    God Bless, Sidney

  3. Beth says:

    I love the way you watch your own reaction and give yourself points! It’s wonderful how self-aware you are – and what a great sense of humor you have!

  4. Cheryl says:

    Hi Lena, Sidney, and Beth – thanks for appreciating my odd sense of what’s interesting :) It was a fun exercise and it’s fun to share fun with others. You all must be very special people – in fact I know that you are!

  5. gordon schmid says:

    Cheryl..just ran into your blog after rereading an email you sent me 4 yrs ago. Your credibility has just zoomed up in my opinion because you are still “walkin the walk” and “talkin the talk”. Congratulations and I have just copied some of your “spring cleaning blogs” to pass on…liked your post on walking into a convenience store. There is no better feeling then filling with gas, walking into the store, straight back to the cooler, getting a bottle of water, and walking out! Priceless!

  6. Hi Gordon: How wonderful to read your comment. Thank you for sticking with me all these years (or coming back!)

    Wellness is good stuff!

  7. Rita Wilson says:

    Cheryl, Loved reading about your orange clogs and your blistering walk. Reminded me of the time last summer when I took KaCee for a walk at Clinton Lake. My clogs started to rub a spot into hot pain, so I looked for a nice leaf, but it only worked for a short while. I finally went barefoot, it was sidewalk. My feet loved that feeling, but it took a lot of TLC to get them smoothed out. Wait, that hasn’t happened yet!!!

  8. Cheryl says:

    Haha Rita – I can just see you slipping a leaf in there and then finally taking the shoes off.

    I hope your arm is healing well….


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