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Day 26 Noticing Healthy Changes

Spring Clean Your Body

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I took the day off so I indulged in reading for several hours while sipping hot green tea.  I never thought I’d be a green tea drinker.  As I’m getting used to it, it tastes better and better.  Knowing that it’s also really good for me adds an additional incentive to stick with it.

It’s really reinforcing to me to notice improvements in my body, mind, and spirit while doing this body spring cleaning project. 

Here are a few things I’m noticing:

  • I used to sweat quite a bit.  But in recent years, I rarely sweat – it sounds good, but it’s actually not a sign of good health.  In the sauna today, I sweated a good deal which shows my health is improving.  I was very happy!
  • Also, when I stick to my whole foods diet, I do not crave sweets, junk food, or fast food.  When I stray from whole foods, a whole host of cravings kicks in.  Every day that goes by that I don’t crave low quality foods, I am happy and try to acknowledge it as a sign of success.
  • With a clean, whole foods diet, my processes of elimination work perfectly, as intended.
  • After a day of taking good care of myself, I feel good about myself.  Quietly pleased.
  • When I’m really on the wellness path, I get new ideas for ways to take better care of myself.  When I’m on a worseness path, i get more ideas for ways to take worse care of myself.  I like the wellness path better.
  • My mood is definitely elevated when I eat whole foods and stick to my healthy living plan:  healthy diet, exercise, stress management, and good self-care.  It takes a little time to do these things but the payoff is exponential.

How is your Spring Cleanse going?  Any news to report?  Any new signs of health and healing? Click the “comment” link below and share your experiences.

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  1. @LenaWest says:

    I LOVE this:

    “When I’m really on the wellness path, I get new ideas for ways to take better care of myself. When I’m on a worseness path, i get more ideas for ways to take worse care of myself.”


  2. Cheryl, I’ve really been enjoying your posts in this series!
    I appreciate what you are sharing and can certainly relate to what you shared today. This is SO true for me and – like Lena – I love the reference to your “worseness” in contrast to your “wellness”
    I’ve had a particularly challenging time since last fall when my mother was dying and after her death….
    My worseness is transitioning into wellness and I am so happy about that!
    I adopted a little dog today at the humane society who needs a lot of TLC. Feels great to have him in my home.

  3. Cheryl says:

    Thanks Lena! Life just goes better when we’re on the wellness path….but as Suzanne indicates….we can’t always stay on that path…

    Suzanne – glad you’re back on the path and so sorry about your mother. Life events can sure take us down…on our knees. And your puppy should take your mind off of everything – they’re so demanding. Tell us about YOUR puppy.


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