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Day 11 Travel Food Containers

Spring Clean Your Body

springcleanlogo If you travel a lot (or bring your lunch to work) these handy food containers can be just the ticket.  A friend just clued me in to them.  They’re unbreakable so they’d be good food containers for kids too – especially on vacation.  The ones shown below have been customized by companies who purchased them for employee giveaways (great idea!)but they’re the Aladdin brand.  I haven’t done a search on the internet to compare prices but I found some good prices – listed below.    You can also check and Tuesday Morning.

Aladdin-Chill-GoAladdin Chill & Go – You can fill this container with salad or other raw veggies.  The description says that the double-wall insulated polycarbonate container keeps food cold for up to four hours.  And the lid doubles as a salad dressin180g (or hummus) container with additional screw off compartment.  This little baby is going into my lunch box!  If you fly, you can get this through security because the salad dressing compartment holds just three ounces.—Go-p-3065.html

$11.25  Chill & Go

Aladdin-Snack-Go-filled Aladdin Snack & Go – Here’s another neat snack container.  Load it up with nuts and seeds, dried fruit, or any other dry food.  It has a removable divider  so you can fill it up with either one or two snacks (great for your desk drawer or the snack pack when you travel).  The pull-off lid has two openings so you can dispense separate snacks.—Go-p-3064.html

$ 6.10  Snack & Go

Can you think of any other uses for these handy food containers?  Do you have any travel food containers to recommend?  Comment at the link below.

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  1. micki says:

    Saweet – I don’t have a website for you, but I found a great water bottle at TJ Maxx that has a built in water filter, so you can refill from any tap while on the road.

  2. Deena says:

    I use a stainless steel two layer lunch box. It is by To-Go Ware. I got mine at a garage sale but they sell them at our local Co-op. They are easy to wash and great salad containers. I also use mason jars for storage and lunches. They can go into the mircowave, can be used as glasses and wash up nicely.

  3. Micki – I’d love to see that water bottle – built in filter – neato.

    Deena – I’d like to see your stacking lunch box too. Kind of like a bento box? I also use mason jars for food storage, etc. Stainless steel and glass rock when it comes to food containers.

    Normally I’m not this psyched about plastic food containers, but because they are for dry foods and are so durable, they should last a lifetime and be green to use.


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