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Day 1 – Spring Clean Your Body

Getting Started

Spring Clean Your Body Logo I have always had a strong, lean, healthy body and I take pretty good care of myself – not perfect but good. I used to boast that I wasn’t at all worried about growing old. I had the mistaken belief that getting old meant my body would look older but everything else would remain the same (energy, abilities, flexibility, etc.) But as age advanced, I noticed it was more difficult to reach down and cut my toe nails, my knees hurt when I knelt, and it was more difficult to turn my body to look behind me when backing up my car. I’ve been noticing skin blemishes and growths and one on my arm scared me a bit so I had it checked. The whites of my eyes have gotten a little cloudy, my memory is not as sharp, I sleep well but not as well as I used to, I don’t have the stamina I used to, and I’m just not feeling strong, lean, and healthy like I always have.   Can you relate?

My youth is no longer protecting me from the effects of my neglect—a little here and a little there. I’ve spent more time working and less time working out. Year after year I’ve watched these advancing signs of neglect. And I’ve always said to myself “One day…..I’ll really make some changes.” This goal has been hanging over my head for years.

It’s finally, finally time to start taking better care of my body. Up until now, I’ve been using my time and efforts to ”do,” and it’s time to use my time and efforts “to undo.” I have a strong belief in my body’s ability to heal on all levels – including looking and feeling more youthful. I know that with weight loss, a super clean diet, deep relaxation, and an enhanced fitness regimen, I can regain a lot of what I’ve lost.

I must be sounding like a total couch potato. Truth is I’ve always been pretty active, have eaten a lot of whole foods, think good thoughts, and have a great social network. Most people think of me as having a really healthy lifestyle. But I know I can do better. And with the advancing signs of age and neglect, I really want to do better – much better – and I am.

My 6-Week Plan

This post is getting a little long so I’ll save the details about my personal program for the next post. But here’s a quick summary of foods and beverages I will be avoiding for at least 6 weeks:

  • Processed, packaged foods
  • Coffee
  • Sweets
  • Gluten
  • Dairy
  • Alcohol

My Food and Fitness Log Today (Calories In – Calories Out)

It was a lovely, sunny day.  My walk before dinner was shorter than usual because I went grocery shopping and had a couple of conversations in the store with old friends.

Breakfast: fresh fruit-rice protein smoothie (I’ll share my recipe and process in upcoming posts)

Snack: pear, black plum (I thought plums were super tart, until I discovered black plums—sa-weeet!)

Lunch: bean and vegetable soup, quinoa/flax crackers

Walk at lunch: 30 minutes (lunch walks are great for clearing your head and revitalizing the body)

Snack: handful of walnuts and a tablespoon of almond butter (I didn’t want to get starved on my walk and tempted to eat quick, low quality food)

Walk before dinner: 45 minutes (Toby hunted for critters and went twice as far as I did as he ran up and down and all around the levee).

Dinner: chicken and veggie stir fry, sautéed asparagus (leftovers from Sunday evening).

My Journey – Your Journey

I’d like you to join me for six weeks of Spring Cleaning Your Body. As you read about my journey, I invite you to click the comment link below each post and either make a comment or tell a bit about your experience. Together we can make this Spring Cleaning Your Body series really exciting! Are you in?

Up next – I’ll talk about how I cleaned out my pantry in preparation for Spring Cleaning My Body.

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  1. Micki Self-Loveland says:

    Thanks for the inspiration, Cheryl. I love all of your helpful wellness guides and checklists. It keeps me ‘mindful’ of my wellness priorities. I’m with you on the 6 week journey. I too will eliminate a lot of caffeine . . . no more lattes – whoa is me, alcohol, processed food, and I’m adding processed sugar, but keeping my gluten and dairy . . . . my scores were low and my family would tie me up by my heals.

  2. kerry murphydamas says:

    b/c of the class I tried to go glutten free and stopped drinking all coffee. I eat more fruits and vegetables and try and stay away from anything “white”. I appreciate the menu suggestions as I couldn’t find anything to eat after one leaves out dairy, glutten, sweets. Oh My!

  3. Lois Schmidt says:

    Ok, I can give up the processed foods, sweets, even coffee, I rarely consume any alcohol, so that’s no problem, but have to stick with dairy and wheat: I NEED the calcium for my ‘old bones’ and bread and pasta are a requirement in my diet. :)

    So I’m ‘on board’ for the six weeks – this is a great idea, as I have already been spring cleaning my house!

  4. Kate says:

    Can we see comments made my others, or am I really the first and only?

    GOOD LUCK Chery.

  5. Deena says:

    I just discovered fennel. I always heard it tasted like black licorice so I avoided it at all cost. I realized it is an ingredient in two of my favorite foods–pepperoni and sausage! I started slow by adding fennel seed to my tomato sauces and last night ventured into the world of the fresh fennel bulb. I am a huge fan of the Food Network, so have seen it before. Of course, they always make it look good. I got a beautiful bulb at Dillons last night for $1.99. I chopped some of it up into a salad with red pepper, romaine and homemade vinegarette (grainy mustard, white wine vinegar, garlic, olive oil, salt). It was delicious! Sweet, crunchy, interesting–a flavor I am not use to tasting. I loved it! I am going to roast it with squash and see how that turns out tonight!

  6. cheryl says:

    Thanks Deena – I’ve felt the same way about fennel. I’ll go to Dillons today and get some. The salad you describe sounds great.

  7. Sidney says:

    Dear Cheryl,
    I have been missing you and Sue on Monday nights. Thank you for the blog and being able to use the information that we studied. I’m going to start my 6 week program.
    Love, Sidney

  8. cheryl says:

    Yay and welcome to you all. Thanks for commenting and joining in the fun. And it will be fun. I’ll post regularly throughout the week.

    The comments didn’t show up right away because I had to approve them. I’m going to check into letting them post immediately. Cheryl

  9. Denise Musser says:

    Thanks for the lead, Cheryl. As always, you are so inspiring. OK. I, too, will jump on the bandwagon. I don’t drink alcohol anyway, so I’m good there. I will give up the worst offenders for me: WHITE FLOUR and SUGAR. Still keeping the dairy and caffeine (although I’ll cut back to 2 cups coffee or tea/day.) I am not sure how I can manage my morning oatmeal without sugar, so I’ll try stevia.

    I’ll even exercise 30 minutes twice a day for 6 weeks. How’s that? Whew!

  10. cheryl says:

    Hi Denise: Whew is right – if that feels like too much cut back. Walking for 30 minutes twice a day is not for the faint of heart.

  11. Steph says:

    Hey Cheryl!

    Just wanted to let you know, that I’m also on board with the six-week “spring cleaning”. I’m actually on a rotation diet that I have incorporated into the ultramind solution. It’s free of any gluten, dairy, yeast, eggs, sugar, caffeine, alcohol (and a host of other foods that it turns out i am intolerant too.) At first, I was a bit overwhelmed by this information (I had an intolerance test ran at Dr. Khosh’s office), but I now feel extremely empowered with this knowledge.

    Take care!

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  13. Luis says:

    Hi Lesley….just knead the dough together until is forms a nice stoomh ball, like in the video. I’ve made this recipe *literally* hundreds and hundreds of times….I promise, it will work. :)Ajules….is it possible you left out the baking powder. or that it was old?


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