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Cooking Cute – Packing Bento

How to eat less and enjoy it more….pack bento!I found an interesting blog site that shows you how to package food-to-go so that it looks appealing and cute. It’s called packing bento. Your kids will love it and so will you.

When food looks good and is attractively displayed, we’re more likely to savor it and eat slowly. Beautiful food helps us slow down and focus on eating. We’re also more likely to be satisfied with less food. Packing bento is a way to eat smaller servings without feeling denied. The pleasurable appearance of the food captivates us. We engage and enjoy – that’s a great combo for eating less and enjoying it more.

If your lunch looked like this, would you enjoy it more?

Traditionally bento food is Japanese, but the author of the site includes all types of foods in her bento packing.

Be sure to visit the gallery so you can see all the fabulous pictures of bento. Click on the photos to see them lifesize. Beautiful.

Here’s the description of what bento is and how to pack bento.

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