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Combating Energy Vampires

Are you excited about seeing your family over the holidays but worry about them pressing your buttons?  In the audio interview below, Dr. Judith Orloff gives several suggestions for dealing with people who press your buttons or drain your energy.  She calls these people “energy vampires.”  Her strategies might come in handy during the holidays–or tomorrow at work! 


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  1. Sandra says:

    I am living with an energy vampire! He rents a room at my mother’s house who conveniently decided to go out of country for 2 months! I can even feel my energy being drained. Once I even had a seizure. When I confronted him, he almost jumped at me telling me “I am human!” How do I stop him from draining my energy? I think it’s detrimental to my health. He likes living here I think because he can conveniently sap my energy. I have even notices my skin feel dry (aside from the obvious health concerns). I can’t tell him to go away, although I have told him to leave me alone. Help!

  2. Sounds like you’re in a pickle. I’d recommend taking a deep breath and taking your power back. Sounds like he presses your buttons and you shift your focus from yourself to him thereby leaking your power. When he starts to bug you, excuse yourself and go elsewhere. Don’t show him that you’re frustrated because that may spur him on. Focus on yourself – not on him. Good luck! Cheryl


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