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Cold Weather Brings People Together

It’s really cold here. It’s all the talk. Cold weather brings people together. They’re nicer in the stores and elevators. They smile on the street. i think cold weather makes us nicer because we know we might need somebody’s help if our electricity goes out so we don’t freeze, or if we get stuck and need a push, or if we get snowed in.

Anyway I’ve noticed that even though people are miserable, they’re nicer. I’ve heard that women feel freer to leave their mates in the tropics because they know they can sustain themselves. Up north, we’re worried about freezing to death if we don’t stick together.

So I went to the store like everybody else–got groceries, cash, three DVDs and am headed into a weekend. And for me it’s a 4-day weekend. It doesn’t get any better than that! I’ll sleep in, get a cup of coffee, call a friend or my sister, read a little for inspiration, then work on my book about creating your own healthy fast food kitchen.

It’s great to have 4 days to wallow in ………and create in the space that 4 days holds open. I’ll have no obligations. Just free will. When the sun is at its peak, I’ll take my dog Jasmine for a 4-mile walk along the river. I hope we’ll see bald eagles. We should because the river is frozen and they fish at the dam.

The only reason I look forward to winter is so that I can watch the eagles. They’re grand. Then when I feel like I’ve put in a good day’s work, I’ll pick one of the movies to watch. I’ll scrunch down on my couch, invite Jasmine to sit on the couch next to me (on the sheet protected couch) and cuddle up. Oh my. I can’t wait!

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