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Chakra Panties

My technology and business strategist Lena West sent me this email today…..

I’m from NY. Born and raised. I thought I’d seen it all.

She was referring to this post about the commercialization of yoga.  I’m very interested in this topic and got wrapped up in watching ALL the video clips at from the documentary ‘Yoga, Inc.’ directed by John Philp.  The following clip features comments by Trisha Lamb including the reference to chakra panties. After you watch this little clip, you’ll have the option to watch several additional clips from the movie.  Do you think yoga is being inappropriately used to market products?

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  1. K says:

    Yet another unfortunate symptom of the Western world’s way of thinking: if it can turn a profit, commercialize it.

  2. Crazy isn’t it! But if we don’t buy it, they won’t do it… we need to stop buying and send a message with our money.


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