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Celebrating 90 Years – my mom

At age 90, finding out you’ve got an aggressive rare cancer (stage 4), moving from one assisted living apartment to another one several states away with a husband who has dementia and congestive heart failure–that’s a lot to take in, but mom’s doing it.  She comes from pioneer stock to be sure. 

In the past month,  mom and dad moved from their assisted living apartment in Sanford, NC to their new assisted living apartment in Chelsea, Michigan to be near family for mom’s remaining weeks or months.  The surgeon removed a third of her colon and discovered that it had spread to her abdominal cavity.  She was hopeful that she could do chemotherapy but was recently informed that chemo was not recommended in her case.  She’s taking it like a trooper but confessed she wishes she had a couple more years.  Her family does too.   Her kids are heading to Michigan this weekend to celebrate her 90th birthday.  Dad turns 87 in August so we’ll be celebrating his birthday too.

The video below was made last year when mom was released for a few hours from the rehab hospital where she was recovering from a stroke.  My sister Diane and I were visiting and clearing out their home of 24 years so they could move into assisted living in Sanford, North Carolina.   She has a missing tooth (it broke when she bit into a biscotti biscuit she received in a birthday basket—tough luck!).  Other than that, she looks pretty good for 88 don’t you think.  This little snippet is so funny – she has an infectious laugh and sense of humor.

I welcome your comments and stories about your family. 

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  1. Cheryl, thank you for sharing the video of your precious Mom!
    Indeed she does have an infectious laugh and very on top of things! Sending her the best for a great celebration – wonderful that has the attitude that she does to appreciate the time she has left.
    Hugs to you….

  2. LJ says:

    Sounds like your family has chosen to ‘live’ while your mom goes through her dying transition. It’s wonderful you have the opportunity to tell her everything and anything in these final days. I wish you energy and light and you and your family are in my prayers.

  3. Vicki Dougls says:

    A difficult time for your family, but
    your love and caring for each other will carry you through. I’m holding all of you in the light.
    Love and Peace


  4. Thanks Suzanne, LJ, and Vicki – You’re three sweeties, that’s for sure!

    I just got off the phone with mom. Yesterday she was happy and “accepting” today was another story. She was mad mad mad feeling like she’s all alone, nobody cares, my dad with dementia is being rude on purpose, we take his side and don’t care about here, etc. It was hard to hear but i think that’s part of the grieving process so I let her rail. She finally came back to a better place but there’s still a lot of pent up anger about life in there. I hope she comes to peace with it.

    LJ – it was fabulous hearing from you. So often I’ve wondered how you are. How ARE you? Thanks for connecting and for the prayers.

  5. @LenaWest says:

    What a great video of Mom!

    Know what I loved the most? No matter how old we get, our parents still refer to us as “you kids” :)

    I’ve gotta put my video recorder to good use! :)

    Thanks for sharing!

  6. This is very sweet and god bless your mom and i wish that she will be do the century.

  7. Muriel says:

    What an incredibly wonderful mom you have. I am 70 yrs. and will remember her great attitude and joyful heart.
    God Bless her and your family for sharing.

  8. Cheryl Miller says:

    What you all may not know is that she’s gone through 2 chemo treatments so far at 90. Amazing! And yes, she’s a sweetie – like all of you :)

  9. Jennifer Evans says:

    What a gift to have such a wonderful video of your mom. Granny (Aunt Fran Butcher) would have been 90 tomorrow. We miss her very much.

  10. Oh my – Hi Jennifer! So nice to hear from you. I guess it’s a small world because I didn’t know you were aware of my blog. Thanks for stopping by. I hope you and your family are well.

    Mom has taken a turn for the worse and it’s jus a matter of days. That’s the life cycle but it’s still incredibly hard. Mom was such a potent individual she’ll leave a big hole. And I know Aunt Fran does too. I just loved her!


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