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New Year’s Evolution: Evolve Instead of Resolve! (New Date/Time)

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New Year’s Evolution:
Evolve Instead of Resolve!

New Year's 2012
This year how about making it about you?  Put yourself first for once.

You won’t be alone if you’ve already forgotten your New Year’s Resolution.  And you won’t be alone if you feel a twinge of guilt about that.

Are you afraid that another year will go by without reaching your goal to get organized, stick with an exercise plan, drop the weight, or better manage your stress?

Like many people, I failed for years to stick with my New Year’s resosutions until I got smart and tried something different.  And it worked!  For the past decade, I’ve used what I call a “New Year’s Theme” instead of a resolution to keep me on track with my dreams.  This may sound like a small shift, but it has made a huge difference for me.  Every year now I’m confident that my theme will get me where I want to go.

A theme is a lot more energizing than a vague wish to get thin or get fit.  It pulls you forward instead of you having to push yourself to stick with your plan.  It’s more holistic.  

Your personal theme is like a clarion call—it announces your intention and sets your energy.  When you have a powerful, personal theme, it’s a beacon that will light your way in 2012.  And it will help you evolve as a person.

In this inspiring, content-rich session you’ll learn:
  • The 5-step process to choose a theme for 2012 to guide you throughout the year.
  • Personal strategies to keep your theme top of mind.
  • How to use your theme to evolve in 2012…and every year thereafter.
Bonus: Experience the transformation as I coach a few lucky participants in choosing their
theme.  See how the 5-step process works, firsthand.
Day/Date: Wednesday, January 18, 2012
Time: 10-11am PT | 11-12pm MT | 12-1pm CT | 1-2pm ET

Cheryl and TobyCheryl Miller is a wellness strategist, life coach and Mayor of
She has an M.S. in Exercise Physiology & Community Health and extensive training as a coach.
As former director of an award-winning wellness program for 80,000 members, Cheryl implemented programs to help employees live healthy, happy, productive lives…in this lifetime.
In 2003, Cheryl founded the online wellness portal  She has written multiple ebooks and e-courses and has been called “one of the most innovative wellness coaches in the industry.”  Cheryl recently became the Official Guide to Wellness at (the #1 self-improvement site with more than one million visitors a month).
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Let’s Talk About Having Fun!

I don’t know about you, but I tend to be a bit serious about life—I could use more fun in my life.   But what?  How? Let's Talk About Healthy Happy LivingWe’re kicking off our Let’s Talk About Healthy, Happy living series talking about fun.   

Here’s who needs to come to the call, Tue. Feb 15:

• You, if you’re good at having fun (we need to hear your secrets)

• You, if you seldom have fun (we want to inspire and expand your world)

• You, if you are in the middle like me (we want to tip you onto the fun end of the spectrum)

Come to the first call in the series this Tuesday, February 15 and share your take on fun (Do you know how to have fun? Are you fun-deficient? Do you have suggestions for having more fun?)

More info about the series and signup:

When you sign up, you’ll receive an email with the call-in details.  If you’re not sure whether you have signed up for this series yet, go ahead and sign up.  You’ll get just one notice (unless you use a different email). 

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FREE Series: Let’s Talk About Healthy, Happy Living

Let's Talk About Healthy, Happy Living

You’re invited to join me for a free conversation series (twice a month) about health and wellness topics ranging from getting good sleep, to healthy snacking, to personal development, to eating organic, to decluttering, to healthy aging and more.  All you need is a phone. 


Here’s how to join in the conversation:

First and Third Tuesdays every month
5-6pm PST | 6-7pm MST | 7-8pm CST | 8-9 EST

More info:

We’ll have folks from all over joining in on the discussion—from all walks of life and full of varying perspectives. Imagine the energy and wisdom! 

Everyone is invited to join in or just listen.  All you need is a telephone to participate.

If you’re longing for lively, engaging conversation about health and well-being, visit this link to find out more:

You can participate in any or all calls, and you can opt out of the series at any time.

Don’t miss it!

Please invite your friends,  family, and colleagues to participate:

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30 Incredible iPad Apps for Weight Loss

Guest Post:  Andrea Carter, Masters in Nursing

Losing weight is an ongoing battle for many, but thanks to handy tools like the iPad, you can take your plan with you wherever you go. This weeds out the excuses for those who travel and are short on time for devoting to grocer shopping, calorie counting and keeping up with what goes into their system. Think smart when making food choices, but when in doubt, pull out these trust weight loss apps for your iPad which can get you moving in the right direction.

Weight Loss iPad Apps for Fitness

If you’re just starting an exercise routine, it cam be difficult to get started. Between boredom and being so out of shape you can’t keep up with a program, it can be tough to stay consistent with work outs. Check out these iPad apps for inspiration and motivation to get your body working.

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11 Things I Want to Accomplish Before 11-11-11

I’m thinking about 11 things I’d like to accomplish before 11/11/11.  Here are my initial thoughts….I see this list evolving over time as I get more clear on what I want to create….and who I want to be:

  1. Being more effortlessly organized (not struggling over being organized).
  2. Eating 80%  of my diet in whole foods that are simply prepared and taste fantastic.
  3. Strengthening my body without going to the gym.
  4. Following My Peace Plan
  5. Breathing to energize all of my cells.
  6. Living as if money is a nonissue
  7. Finding opportunities in all challenges.
  8. Adoring how I spend time.
  9. Melting into rest and deep, rejuvenating sleep.
  10. Feeling compassion for all, even me.
  11. Contributing and sharing my best self.

At the comment link below, share your list or partial list of things you want to accomplish or ways you want to be.

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The Fun Theory

Have you ever noticed that if things are fun, we’ll do them even if they’re more difficult than the alternative?  Getting more physically active is our #1 health challenge.  How can we make it more fun?  A group of students from Stockholm came up with a brilliant idea…and here’s how they implemented it.

At company picnics and retreats, employees do the craziest things because they’re fun…like the three legged race and the ropes challenge courses.  I recently heard of a company challenge to build a “boat” from cardboard that must transport an employee from one end of the pool to the other.  What else can we do at home and at the work site to make physical activity more fun?

Here’s my suggestion. Create a “Fun Committee” at work that dreams up wild and crazy and FUN ways to bring wellness into the workplace.  And on the home front, get your kids involved.  If they’re not yet teenagers, the serious gene isn’t full blown yet and they’re not as worried that you’ll embarrass them.

I’m tapped out.  I need your help….what other suggestions do you have? Leave your comments at the link below.

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Seated Stretching Routine

When you get tired and a little stressed, what do you do?  Do you walk to the vending machine?  Or do you get physical?  You can save a lot of stress-related calories if you do something physical.  You don’t have to worry about time because you can pep up or calm down in just a couple of minutes. 

Here are 7 stretches that reduce stiffness and tension . . . and you can do them while seated at home or in your office. 

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Back into Fitness (again!)

Sometimes you just need to keep committing to something.  That’s how it was for me and strength training … until I made the one decision that it was important for my health and well-being and that I would commit to doing it – even if I didn’t particularly like it.

After a month off (traveling to NC to help my parents get situated for their move into assisted living), I didn’t have to decide again to do a strength training program – because I had made the one decision.  I just needed to decide when to start back – big difference.

It’s much easier to stick with a fitness program once you’ve made the BIG decision that it’s a life-long commitment for you.  Getting back into it after a long or short break becomes MUCH easier if you don’t have to make the big decision each time you head off to the gym or mountainside or dance studio. 

And now my day is going much better because I feel really good – about myself and about my life.  I have more energy and I’m happier.  If I had made the decision to put off going to the gym, I know my day wouldn’t have taken a turn for the better so sharply. 

Doing what I say I’m going to do is my antidote to negative self-talk.  It gives me a proud feeling, a wee bit virtuous.  Try it!

Comments Please.  Have you experienced this feeling?  Tell us about it at the comment link below.

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Fitness Routine Inspires Healthy Eating

a 30-Day chronicle about getting back in shape

Have you  noticed that when you make a commitment to do something healthy, you end up doing even more healthy things than you originally planned?

That’s happening with me.  Sticking with my fitness program has really inspired me and it made me want to eat really well.  Notice I said “really” twice!  I find myself thinking all the time, “How can I make this healthier.”  I used to think “How can I make this taste better.”  That’s quite a switch for me.

Since I got serious about fitness, I’ve been drawn to raw foods-also unusual for me.  I’ve often said it’s got to be hot for me to be happy.  Eating raw food is definitely more appealing to me when the weather is hot, so I’m taking advantage of this hot weather and my newfound interest in extreme eating (for me that means raw!). 

Today’s menu made me really happy about eating.  Friends who know me well will be saying “where’s the meat?”

Morning Meal

Watermelon – lots of it!

Lunch (see video below)

More watermelon,
Whole Rye Bread
1 oz leftover Chicken from Middle Eastern Restaurant


Green smoothie (rainbow chard, spinach, apple, cucumber, water)  This was my first green smoothie ever and it was surprisingly satisfying.  I felt very virtuous.

Evening snack

Raw nuts (Brazil and almond)

Here’s a 35 second video peek at my lunch….

Your Turn:  Do you eat raw food?  What percentage of your diet is raw?  Got a favorite raw combo to share?  Comment at the link below.

Should you see a physician before starting an exercise program?

Medical Disclaimer: Any information you obtain from this blog series is not
intended and should not be construed as medical advice and is for the sole purpose of providing information derived from the experience of the author. Diet, exercise or other lifestyle changes should be made only after consulting with your own intuition, common sense, and health care practitioner.
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Get Curious About Fitness to Get Inspired

a 30-Day chronicle about getting back in shape

Today was an upper body day.  After warming up on the elliptical machine, I ran the circuit of upper body machines for about 40 minutes.  As I moved from machine to machine, I thought about how this workout felt compared to the first one.  I found that line of questioning inspiring because I could tell I was getting stronger.  And I was enjoying the workout more. 

When I first worked with a personal trainer, she tried to chat during my work out by asking me questions about my week.  I found it really distracting and asked her about it.  She said that most people enjoyed chatting because they wanted to keep their minds off the fact that they were exercising.  That was the opposite of what I wanted.  I told her that I wanted to be super focused on my workout so I could pay attention to the entire experience. 

As I look around the gym, I notice that most people are plugged in when they’re working out.  They’re plugged into an iPod, a magazine, the TV or their fitness buddy.  If that’s the only way they can get their workout in, that’s fine.  But I’d like to offer a counter cultural idea-pay attention, tune in, enjoy the entire experience.  Get curious in order to get inspired.

Here are some examples of questions you might ask during your workout:

  1. Am I getting stronger compared to my first session or most recent session?
  2. Are my daily activities getting easier (lifting groceries out of the trunk, carrying them into the house, climbing the stairs, running after the kids, etc.).
  3. What do my muscles feel like?  Are they feeling pumped, shaky, firm, strong?
  4. Is this weight appropriate-hard enough to get a good workout but not so demanding that I might get injured?
  5. Is this workout helping to balance my muscles (front and back)?  We experience fewer joint problems and injuries when our muscle strength front to back is balanced (e.g., quadriceps and hamstrings, chest and back, biceps and triceps). 

If you’re normally plugged in when you work out, try going cold turkey next time and get curious about the experience.  Pay attention to your breathing, your thoughts, your muscles, and your experience.  After all, for that 30 or 40 minutes, your workout is your life.

Your Turn:  Thoughts?  Comments?  Are you plugged in when you workout?

Should you see a physician before starting an exercise program?

Medical Disclaimer: Any information you obtain from this blog series is not
intended and should not be construed as medical advice and is for the sole purpose of providing information derived from the experience of the author. Diet, exercise or other lifestyle changes should be made only after consulting with your own intuition, common sense, and health care practitioner.
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