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Capitalize on Circumstances

30-Day Self-Care Challenge (Part II) Day 12

While Hurricane Ike is terrorizing the gulf coast, tornadoes and floods are threatening the Midwest.  Rain, rain, rain.  All day long!  All week long!  Clearly it isn’t going to stop any time soon.

Shortly after waiting out the tornado watches in the basement, Toby and I headed out for a walk carrying my largest umbrella.  He was my impetus.

If I didn’t have a dog, I know I would have sat tight in my warm, dry house.  Fortunately, I have an extremely active dog that demands exercise.  So we headed out for walk along the Kansas River. 

Usually we walk through the river bottom farmland on the flat, wide levee path.  But today when I spotted the bike trail heading into the woods, I thought, bingo!  It might not be as wet and bikes are not allowed to ride in the mud…so the maniacs won’t be crashing through the woods terrorizing us as they take the hills and curves with their wild, youthful zeal.  The bike trail is wonderfully challenging. I dumped myself into the brambles and bushes one day when skidding off the narrow path on my mountain bike.

But today, we’re home free–no bikers! (Sorry guys, I love ya, but I enjoyed not having to dive off the path to safety). 

Toby cut through the woods like a speeding bullet.  If he were a young man, I know he would be crashing through the woods on a mountain bike! 

I enjoyed picking my way along the muddy path straddling the large puddles and splashing through the small ones.  My Crocks were perfect for this kind of thing!

Peering through the thick brush I could see the river flowing high and fast.  I also saw the poison ivy EVERYWHERE!  And I knew I was immune somehow.  This was a magical moment.  Part of the magic was that NO ONE else was seeing what I was seeing or doing what I was doing.  No one!  It was like being the only one in a movie theater with the big screen all to myself…which I did once too. 

It’s pouring down again!  I’ve got my front and back doors open enjoying the storm.  Fortunately the rain is coming straight down so I can keep them open, at least for the time being.  I want the magic to last.

If I had not gone for a walk, today would be just like any other annoying rainy day that kept me from doing what I wanted to do.  But because Toby encouraged me to capitalize on the circumstances, we had an adventure.  He’s still hepped up.  And so am I. 

Tomorrow the street will be lined with cars and sightseers watching the river rise.  Flood warnings bring them out.  It’s big news.

Self-Care includes having adventures…

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