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Bad Moods

not sure what i want to say about bad moods except that i’ve been in one for a week or two. if we could cure bad moods or at least limit them, the planet would be a much happier place. i’m here now to ponder the solutions.

by bad mood, i don’t mean mean. a bad mood for me might be tired, uninspired, worried, anxious, fearful, critical, grumpy, not happy, edgie edge, edgey (sp?), drained, not hopeful. that does sound bad doesn’t it. but i don’t feel all of those things at once (whew!) funny thing, most people would never guess that i’m in a bad mood. thankfully i keep them to myself unless i divulge it to a friend so that i can talk about it which often helps me figure it out and usually move out of it.

this mood has been more tenacious. got me wondering if it’s because mercury (the planet) is in retrograde. yes it sounds funny to me too, but i gotta wonder. am going to to read all about it. i don’t know if i’d like it more or less if i found the cause was outside of myself. see how i am. i went to to check out the retrograde….couldn’t find it, but i did find an iq test. always wondered what my iq is so i decided to take it.

i think i was doing ok, but it was some work. i hate story problems. they fooled me. i had scrolled to the bottom to see how long it was and they said "take a deep breath" and click here which made me think it was a short test and i’d have the patience and energy to take it. when i clicked that button, though, there were a ton more questions. it’s late and i don’t have the energy for a really long diversion (remember my original goal–to figure out the mercury thing)….but i didn’t want to lose the "work" i had already done. so i tried to fool the technology and copy and paste the questions into microsoft word to look at later and it jammed up my machine. this is what bad moods are made of. he he. now this makes me laugh. guess i’ll have to continue to ponder this bad mood thing. i just know, though, that something is shifting and i don’t feel nearly in as bad a mood. more later.

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