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Are You Driven to Distraction?

Are You Driven to Distraction? It’s easy in this fast-paced information age to get sidetracked . . . constantly. On my walk today I thought of a 5-part plan to help me keep on track. As I put it into use and see how well it works, I’ll share it with you. Here it is in the rough draft stage:

First – Decide what to do first (what’s most important or easiest to get you off the dime?)

Focus – Stick with that one task. Don’t allow distractions to enter in. Do one thing and one thing only. In our multi-tasking culture, focusing will take some retraining. If you have a planning system, schedule that task into your appointment schedule and give it a time slot.

Finish – Finish the project or the piece of the project that you selected, so you will have a feeling of completion. You’ll experience big, wonderful, positive energy when you finish something. If you have divided the big task into several pieces, you can consider your task finished when that one piece is completed. You don’t have to wait for this great feeling of completion until the entire project is completed. Acknowledge each piece as a task and enjoy finishing each task.

From the Beginning – If there are more projects you want to work on, start from the beginning with First, and work through the process again until each task is finished. (Help me out here. Can you think of a better "F" word here to indicate starting over? If so, email me or include it in the comments link below.)

Fun (or Free Time) – When you have finished the task (or tasks), take time to do something fun. Consider this time now Free to do whatever you want to do.

Comments Please Was this helpful? What’s missing? Do you have examples of how this has worked/would work for you? If something occurred to you as you read this post, please take a moment to click on the Comment link below. It just takes a second to share your wisdom with the rest of us. We would really appreciate it. Feel free to include your name and any other identifying information you would like to include. We want to get to know each other in this community.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    For starting over (beginning with F), how about Fresh Start?
    (Ruth–just don’t want one more password, etc., to remember!)

  2. Anonymous says:

    “From Scratch” (like cooking)?

    I do like Ruth’s suggestion above, too.


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