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Are You Being Deceived at the Supermarket?

As food and gas prices rose, did you notice that food packages got smaller without looking smaller?  Have you noticed that your favorite cereal box still looks the same width wise, but the depth is smaller?  Manufacturers are hoping you won’t notice….and won’t care.  But some people are noticing and writing about it.

For an quick overview of this deceiving practice…

You’d have to take a careful look at the jars of Skippy peanut butter to notice the difference. The prices are the same, but the jars are getting smaller. They don’t look any different, but recently, the jars developed a dimple in the bottom that slices the contents to 16.3 ounces from 18 ounces — about 10 percent less peanut butter.

Other manufacturers are also trimming packages, nipping a half-ounce off their bars of soap, narrowing the width of toilet paper and shrinking the size of ice cream containers. Often, the changes are so subtle that they create “the illusion that you are buying the same amount,” according Frank Luby, a pricing consultant.

read the rest of the article here.

At the very bottom of the article are suggestions for ways to avoid being deceived at the supermarket. 

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