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Are You a Spoiled Child?

During this time of giving, this is a good question to ask yourself.  “Am I a spoiled child?”

Are you more interested in how YOU feel, what people are giving to YOU, and how you’re doing in your own life?  Or do you often think of others?  Do  you ask people how they’re doing and really dig down a little because you care and you’re interested?  Or do you prefer they ask you how you’re doing?

Over time I’ve known a handful of spoiled children – both kids and adults  This spoiling often happens when one parent or both over functions in a family.  They do all the cooking and cleaning,  pick up after everyone….do all the errands, write all the thank-you cards for the kids, give, give give.  What results are spoiled kids who assume they are the center of the universe – not just the center of their universe, but the center of THE universe.  I feel sorry for these kids because they grow up inept—unable to be fully functioning humans.  They become one dimensional.

Once they turn 18, though, they’re on their own as adults and it’s their responsibility to repair the damage that was done to them by an overly indulgent parent.  It’s now their job to start asking others how they are, to take an interest, to help out, to pull their own weight.  To take their place in THE universe.

How much fun is it to hang out with a spoiled child?  Yes, I know, not much.  If you know one, drop a hint and plant a seed that they would be much happier and more attractive if they both gave and received.  But this takes courage….and compassion.

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  1. Spindiva says:

    Hello Sheryl
    First I thought you had closed comments because it says “no comments” next to the date, then I realized I was reading it all wrong :-) I love your blog and all your great advice, ideas, etc. I didn’t think I was spoiled until I moved to a country where everything is limited or controlled and have only a few options for the things I used to take for granted, such as high speed internet and a long list of channels on my TV–ha. now I have a list so short it’s not worth watching TV which is a good thing because I spend more time doing what really matters – family time, staying active and reading. As always, great article and great blog.

  2. cheryl says:

    Good to hear from you again. What country did you move to? I think we’ve all pretty spoiled when it comes to creature comforts. TV does chew up a lot of time doesn’t it! Cheryl


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