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Another Fabulous Fall Meal (Gluten-Free)

I’m having a lot of fun cookin’ up new ideas for fall produce–and sharing them in videos like this one.  Here’s what I had tonight.  The color is washed out because it loses resolution from the video conversion process.  But, trust me, the colors of the real thing were bright and appealing!


So………….I want to have more healthy dinner ideas from you!  At the comment link below, describe your healthy meals and how to make them.  And if you send me the embed code for a video, I’ll plunk it in so everyone can see it.

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  1. Rebecca says:

    video will not open for me. In fact I’ve gotten to where if it’s a video, I skip it. They’re too much trouble.

  2. Hi Rebecca: Sorry you had trouble with the video. I just tried it and it opened fine. It’s just a youtube video so should play for anybody who can access other youtube videos. If people have a dialup it sure won’t work well….do you have cable or DSL and do you have the ability to watch youtube videos? Hope so!


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