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Admiring Physical Genius

I’ve been annoyed by black marks left by skateboarders and bikers….but I just watched a little video of Aaron Ross that blew me away.  He has such incredible physical genius that I wouldn’t want him to not use it.  His physical gifts of balance, creativity, daring, and showmanship are worth a little damage – shocking statement I know!  Does he just take your breath away!

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  1. susan says:

    Cheryl, thanks for posting a message of tolerance for skaters and bikers! I like how you framed their talents as “physical genius.” Creative genius takes many forms, and this is just one extraordinary example. It also comes with much practice and dedication — and is deserving of respect.

  2. Hi Susan – I like what you’ve added – it does take a great deal of practice and dedictation and that’s always to be respected and admired. Cheryl


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