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Activism: Changing the World

Here’s another interesting video I checked out from the Solidarity Library.  It features two presentations at a Bioneers Conference 2001.  The description that follows each title is from the back of the video.  Each segment is about 30 minutes.  These three women are truly passionate and gifted.

Frances and Anna Lappe:  Hope’s Edge:  The New Diet for a Small Planet

Why do we as societies often create that which we as individuals abhor?  Thirty years after her groundbreaking book Diet for a Small Planet shattered the myth of scarcity, Frances Moore Lappe and her daughter Anna ask this most central question and seek answers in stories they gathered for their new book.

Diane Wilson:  Why I Tried to Sink My Shrimp Boat on Toxic Polluters

Diane Wilson, mother of five and a fourth-generation fisherman on the Texas Gulf Coast, for more than a decade has used civil disobedience to fight such chemical giants as Union Carbide and Dupont.  In 1995, she won zero discharge agreements from Formosa Plastics, one of the largest producers of PVC in the world, and Alcoa Aluminum, among the nations’s largest polluters.  She is currently involved in health research to test Vietnamese and Hispanic fishermen for endocrine disrupters, heavy metals, and PCB’s and is doing "her darndest" to launch zero discharge as a movement within the United States and abroad.


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