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A Few of My Favorite Things

one of my favorite things is to have several things getting done at the same time . . . and i’m only doing one of them. it’s like a miracle. so today is an awesome day for me. a favorite day. a friend of mine is cleaning; two guys are repairing, scraping, and painting my house; and another friend is working on my web page design for and i’m working on the content for the web site. now if i just put in a load of laundry and started the dishwasher, i’d be over the top, hog heaven.

sometimes it’s the little things like this that bring a broad grin to my face. yea, it’s mundane maybe, but it’s the things that life’s made of. and since i’m all about getting things done, it’s just so perfect. the sun is out and we’re heading toward a high of 75 (in November!)

for me the sun is a favorite thing. i thank the sun often, literally. think about how life would suck if we didn’t have the sun. we, in fact, would all perish. when it’s cold and windy and the sun is shining, walk to the sunny side of the street, building, hill (whatever) out of the wind and be so grateful for the sun. i love to stop, take some time, and do that. we use solar energy for a reason :). in fact, we would do well to use MORE solar energy in our homes and businesses.

walking is another one of my favorite things. i love LONG walks. i walk in the rain, snow, wind, and heat. but today, with the perfect temperature, it’s even better! i walk along the kansas river (kaw) and see lots of wildlife: eagles (in season), blue heron, migrating birds like great white pelicans and egrits, beaver, snakes, dragonflies and other flying insects, all kinds of birds including barn swallows and night hawks, red tail hawks, ducks and geese, and fox. and bats at night. 

i don’t know the status of the river now, but a few years back it was ranked as one of the most polluted in the country. since kansas is an agricultural state we have lots of farm chemicals….and people do love to poison and fertilize their lawns. that’s not one of my favorite things. i’m looking forward to my walk – usually 4 miles. lots of time to become aware, think, and connect with an occasional walker, biker, or runner.

haiku verse often comes to me when i walk. i tap the syllables of the verse on my thigh as i search for just the right number (5-7-5) for a haiku poem. for me this is a game and it also helps refine my thinking and language skills and my ability to become aware and appreciative of all there is around me. you might try it. type "writing haiku" into the search engine and you’ll have many resources that describe the process.

one other thing i like about walking is that it’s a steeping time for me. my subconscious goes to work and dreams up all kinds of cool things to think about and become aware of. i usually come home with wonderful insights and ideas that i need to capture right away….before they are lost. long baths do that for me too. . . another favorite thing.

so many daily things to be oh so grateful for.

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